There are certain reasons that make one look around for the best quality of salon in the town. This includes if you are recently shifted to a new area, your regular stylist have gone off or you need a change for your patent stylish. Although finding a proper and the most eligible salon as per your requirement is really a tough thing, still here are few tips that would definitely help you in choosing the best salon in the town.


  • Ask around by the bunch of peoples you meet on your way: The best time to go look for a good salon near you is to look for personal recommendations. Personal recommendations are a good option as you are able to see the results yourself. You can take references from friends, colleagues or even family members that would prove helpful during finalising the best salon. Be sure to ask then the name of the stylist they went to apart from the name of the salon.
  • Social Media Browsing: Few social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have proved themselves in being the excellent tool for the artists to showcase their work. Hence, it will be easy for the people to look for whatever actually they want based in their posts. The use of hashtags while using Instagram is a easy method on finding out the nearest salon just by adding a hashtag with the place you are dwelling presently just as you want to find best salon in Kolkata.
  • Never go through the price: It is always advised to the general mass to never judge any salon based on the expensive list of the treatment it shows. One must never ever expect to love a haircut just because of the huge payment that you have made for the hairstyle. Therefore, it is recommended to undergo a proper research about the particular stylists that you have booked rather than completely trusting on the hype of the beauty magazines.
  • Try for taking baby steps: One must avoid trying to book for the complete package for the first time itself. Alternatively, one can find a lot about the salon just by a simple wash and steam treatment. A simple wash can help you to analyse on certain other factors that includes the competence, attentiveness and the behaviour of the stylish with that of the customer.

These are the general points that would definitely help one to find out the best salon in the town.


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