Magical skin care hacks for winter

While we all love the pleasant chilling weather of winters, the woes it causes to the skin is definitely not wanted at all.  Therefore, it becomes essential for everyone of us to ensure that we are following some skincare hacks that will keep our skin soft, supple and glowing even in the chilliest of winter month.


Here are some worth trying out winter skin care hacks shared by experts at a renowned salon in Guwahati. Watch out!

  • Exfoliate properly

Exfoliation happens to be one of vital survival strategies during winters especially for people who are extremely about their skin. This mighty process helps in removing the dead skin cells that are produced at a much enhanced rate during winters and give us a dull appearance.

However, this winter you need to replace your regularly used skin exfoliating product with a peel off mask. The significance of this suggestion is that a peel off mask works more effectively during winters by means of hydrating and tightening your skin simultaneously with pulling out the dead skin cells. Thus, you get more from a single product from a peel off mask!

  • Treat your chapped lips

It seems that this chilling season casts its most cruel upon the lips. At a point of time, it even appears so that applying tons of lip balms and lip creams on the lip turns out to be futile when the peak winters come.  But a simple home remedy can give surprisingly fascinating results if you follow it regularly.

Refrigerate the tea bags after you have used them. Then, clean and exfoliate your lip properly and compress the chilled tea bag against your puckers. This procedure allows the tannin present in tea to get absorbed within the cells of your lips and heal it from within. Hence, you can expect to see visibly different results after few instances of regimented use.

  • Entrust on oats

Until now, you might have known that oats are miracle product for your system and your heart. But now we will upgrade your knowledge on this healthy breakfast item further by commenting that oats are great for soothing irritated and chapped winter skin!

Thus, insist upon keeping a jar filled with oats handy in your bathroom. Mix it with plain water or raw milk and boil to prepare a gooey constituency.   Now let it cool on its own so that it becomes ready to be applied as a skin scrubber. While applying the scrubber, make it certain that you have slightly dampened the skin and then rub your pats scrubber in circular motion.  The results will be right in front of your  eyes with the very first application.


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