Tips on preventing chapped lips in winters

Have your lips got chapped? Are your cracked lips bleeding pathetically?  Do remember that chapping and bleeding of lips is a very common winter woe that every other person experiences.

Basically, lips do not have any sebaceous gland. Hence, they are more prone to get dry and become chapped.  In winter, when the natural weather all around becomes dry and depleted from moisture in the air, the lips eventually become the greatest victims of the weather.


But do not worry as there are numerous ways that prevent chapping of lips in this chilling season of the year. Watch out!

  • Scrub regularly

The first rule for preventing chapping of lips is to scrub the puckers regularly. Yes, you have heard it right. As you know, the accumulation of dead skin cells enhance during winters, and your lips are no expectations either.

Here the beauty experts at a highly reputed Salon in Ahmedabad suggest you need to scrub your lips twice a week with lip scrubbers that are specially formulated for this sensitive part of your face.

When done regularly, you will find that the flakiness of your lips have vanished and your puckers have become soft, supple and pink.

  • Moisten often

Moisten your lips whenever they feel dry because it is the only tried and tested method that prevents chapping of the lips.

However, you have to be selective about the lip balm that you choose for this dry and chilling season.  Go for bit thicker, ointment based herbal lip balms that are tender on the sensitive skin of the lips simultaneous with being richly nourishing.

You can occasionally smear some clarified butter or olive oil on your lips too as an extra moisturizing regime.

  • Hydrate internally

Along with external care, you need to take care of yourself internally too in order to prevent drying and chapping of lips during winter.

For your information, we tend to minimize the quantity of water that we drink during winters. Unfortunately, it should happen otherwise and we should focus upon increasing our water intake during this season as a means of combating external dryness. Thus, we make our skin even drier, which show up in the form of making our lips extremely dry and cracked.

Thus, the first step towards internal hydration is to drink at least three liters of water every day. Additionally, start your day with at least three glasses of plain water on empty stomach.  Choose other forms of internal hydration too other than water like vegetable stews, chicken soup, orange juice, and gorge on these intelligent sources of hydration throughout the day.

If you follow these measures, the drastic difference in the condition of your lips will be right there in front of your eyes.


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