Makeup tricks for monsoon that will make you glow

Monsoon is the season of romanticism. The soft cool breeze, gushes of rain, and cloud shrouded sky work as powerful catalysts that cause adrenaline rush in even the most unromantic person too.

But monsoon brings with it ranges of skin and hair woes too. Things literally become overwhelming when you are invited to a party during this monsoon and you discover yourself with a face drenched in sebaceous oil and dull, limp hair!

However, if you are aware of these pro monsoon makeup tricks that you will definitely look your best in every party you attend. So, take a look at these tips.


  • Glide on some ice

You might be surprised to know that the professionals at a renowned salon in Bangalore strongly favour ice as a monsoon makeup agent.  According to these experts, ice works great as a natural anti-perspiration agent.

Hence, before applying any makeup or foundation insist upon rubbing a cube of ice all over your cleansed face.  Allow your face to dry naturally after that, and then apply your monsoon makeup.

You will further be happy to know that rubbing ice on the face will also give longevity to your monsoon makeup.

  • Never forget the toner

Maintenance of pH level of your facial skin is extremely important during the monsoons in order to keep it free from problems. You need to reinstate the normal pH level every time you cleanse your face. Thus, a toner would be your all time companion during this season.

Before putting on any makeup, you must not forget to use a cotton ball to dab some toner all over your and neck area immediately after you have washed your face and sponged it dry.  This should be your monsoon makeup habit.

  • Avoid creamy foundation

Cream based foundation should not be a part of your monsoon makeup kit.

Actually, cream based products decrease the breath ability of the skin pores. In monsoons, when the damp weather already tends to cause a pore clogging effect due to over secretion of the sebaceous glands, these products will only worsen the situation instead of doing any good.

Hence,  for the time being replace these cream based foundations with their powder or gel based replacements to achieve a shine free mat look.

  • Be wise with makeup products

You never know when it will start raining during monsoons and drain out your makeup. Hence, it is always wise to opt for waterproof makeup.

This specially applies for eye makeup products because the dark shades of grey, black and charcoal will wreck havoc to your facial beauty if the start melting due contact with rain water.  Hence, never forget to pay attention to the type of makeup product you are buying for your monsoon party.


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