How to get rid of split ends

Have you noticed split ends in your manes? Whether you accept it or not, split ends indicate that you are not taking care of your hair lately.

For your information, natural oils secreted from the sebaceous glands of the scalp fail to reach till the tips of your hair. Prolonged deprivation of adequate hydration makes the ends of your ends dry and dehydrated which shows up in the form of split ends.

Therefore, adhering to simple maintenance measures can help you in getting rid of split ends forever.  Here are some easy to follow tips suggested by hair experts at a reputed Salon in Kolkata. Check them out!


  • Turban therapy

Turban therapy works wonders in curing split ends.  For this, you have to wrap a steamed cotton towel all around your hair immediately after oiling it generously.

If you are wondering how this therapy works, let us tell you that the heat generated from the towel helps in opening up the pores of the hair strands. This makes them capable of absorbing more oils. Eventually, each of the hair strands gets appropriately hydrated as a result.

If you follow this regime for a period of over a month, the results will be right in front of you.

  • Trim regularly

Women with long hair often show scepticism when it comes to trimming their manes. This is because they fear that the length of their beautiful hair will get shunned that way. Unfortunately, these women mostly report that they suffer from split ends!

The truth is that trimming your hair half an inch after an interval of every six weeks never obstructs your hair growth at all. Rather, it helps in shearing away the ends of your manes that have become dry and damaged.  Eventually, split ends never occur.

  • Egg protein mask

Egg protein works magically in replenishing the lost moisture in your manes that cause split ends. Besides nourishing your hair naturally, egg mask also works as natural conditioner.

You can prepare an egg mask by beating an egg together with a teaspoon of honey and three tablespoons of olive oil. Apply this mask on your hair and allow it to sit for an approximate span of half an hour and then wash it off with mild shampoo.

  • Hot oil massage

One of the traditional treatments of split ends is hot oil treatment. Thus, you can always entrust upon this treatment for getting rid of your problem.  You can choose any oil of your choice for the purpose and heat it gently.

Apply the oil on your hair with your fingers or with cotton. Massage the remaining oil onto the tips. Then gently massage your scalp.   Leave on overnight and then wash off the following morning.


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