Tips on keeping away the effects of winter blues on your skin

Seasonal skin problems often prevent us from enjoying the bliss of the season optimally.  One such season that brings with it lots of skin problems is winters. Thus, even though the chilling sensation of winters appears refreshing for the people of tropical regions, they cannot enjoy the chills because these skincare problems often appear like a bane in the path.  But the professionals at a renowned salon in Guwahati suggest that if you know the remedies then you can always keep these skin problems at bay and take the pleasure of the chills optimally.  So, start reading ahead to know about these common skin care problems of winters and their possible remedies.

Winter Skin care

  • Dryness

Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or normal skin, extreme dryness of the skin is a common problem during winters. If you leave the condition unattended for long, it might aggravate and lead to itching, inflammation and bleeding from the skin.  Simple yet effective way of preventing this problem is to apply liberal quantities of moisturizer all over your face and body in the daytime as well as during the night everyday throughout the season. If you follow this in a regimented manner, you are sure to witness its positive impact.

  • Redness

Redness in the hands and feet is also a commonly occurring skin problem during winters. This is usually associated with a feeling of intense dryness. Basically, hands and feet have fewer sebaceous glands than the rest part of the body. In winters, when there is less oil production from the sebaceous glands throughout the body, depletion in natural oil production on the hands and feet leave them parched. Situations of extreme dryness eventually make them become reddish due to soreness and inflammation.  Such conditions can be prevented with regular sessions of hand and feet spa along with treatments like manicure and pedicure. In addition to this, taking occasional foot and finger bath and applying hand and body lotion all over are also highly recommended.

  • Painful cuticles

Nails and cuticles also have to bear the burden of winter blues in the form of peeling cuticles.  The condition is so painful that it literally becomes impossible to do anything using the fingers at times. Thus, aggravation of this condition has to be stopped in its initial stages to avoid its painful aftermath. For this, pampering manicure session done at a professional salon is an effective remedy. In addition, you must also immerse your hands in antiseptic finger bath on a regular basis followed by liberal massage of the cuticles with some good quality cuticle oil twice a day. If done in a serious manner and on a regular basis, the regime is sure to treat painful cuticles within no time.


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