Durga Puja is one of the festivals that is celebrated by all, irrespective of their caste, creed and community based differences.  This traditional festival of unity and love demands that we look traditional. Hence, the hairstyles that we should pick up for Durga Puja should also amalgamate well with the mood of this traditional festival. Here are some options for you for Durga Puja 2017. Check them out!

  • Style 1 # Ironed stresses

Long hair looks great when it appears nourished, shiny and silky straight. Thus, when you flaunt your favorite ethnic wear this Durga Puja this hairstyle can be given worth consideration. In order to achieve this hairstyle, shampoo your manes a day in advance to control fly offs. Part the manes in whichever direction you want and then dab few drops of serum on the manes till the tips.  Get hold of a flat iron, set it to heat and gently iron the entire length of your manes. While ironing your hair for this hairstyle, pay special attention towards the ends of the strands to ensure that they do not curl up.


  • Style 2 # Tong curled danglers

If you have long waist length or shoulder length hair, the tong curled danglers can be tried out.  This hairstyle looks best in side parted hair. Hence, part your hair in the direction that you consider perfect for yourself. Then back comb the hair on both sides of the parting and pin them neatly. Work up a more voluminous puff on the side of the head that has more hair. As for the rest part of your hair, set your tongs to heat and tong the loose ends of your manes into big curls. Do not use comb for this hairstyle. Rather, use your fingers to loosen the detangled strands.

  • Style 3 # Puffed up braids

Braids look great on young women. Moreover, they complement ideally with ethnic dresses. However, this Durga Puja the hair stylists at Salon in Kolkata suggest that the puffed up braids will be the latest trend. Although this hairstyle looks alluring, it is very easy to get this style perfectly done. Basically, you need to use your fingers to manually comb and pull back all the hair around your forehead. Now work up slight puff as you pin down these tresses towards the back of your head. When you are done with this front part, take a wide toothed comb and start combing the mane at the shoulders and braiding them into a ponytail. Continue to do so until only about two inches hair remains towards the tips. Secure this section with a rubber band and accessorize the braid with pearl or stone etched bobby pins.


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