Hair trends 2017

Every year, we find new trends in hairstyle. While spooky straight hair dominates in one year, another year is marked by the trend of asymmetrically cut short hair. We believe that if you consider yourself extremely stylish and wish to flow with the trend as far as your hairstyle is concerned, you would be curious to know about women’s hair trends for 2017. Here are they for you. Check them out!

  • Asymmetric blunt with platinum tone

This year, the blunt cut will come back with a new zing. While it will retain its flow, the edges will be asymmetrically cut all around the nape. The experts at best salon in Ahmadabad add further to this suggestion by remarking that the asymmetric blunt will have platinum tone this year.

  • Tight ponytail

Women with long hair can tie up their hair on top of their head in the form of a ponytail to be in fashion this year. There will be no restriction on the texture of the manes for this year. So, whether you have wavy hair, straight manes, or curly tresses, you can confidently flaunt your ponytail this 2017. However, in order to look absolutely stylish you need to secure it tightly in order to give chisel sharp definition to your face.


  • Center parted sleek manes

Women with hair that goes beyond their shoulder level can flaunt straight silky and center parted manes this year. However, the spooky straight edges are out of fashion this year. What is in is straight cut, healthy and nourished edges. There will be no restriction regarding the tone of your hair if you follow this hairstyle this 2017.  But you have to make the hair look nourished and hydrated by smearing hair serum all over.

  • Redefined shag

While the shag dominated throughout 2016, this year it will newly defined. Women with shoulder length hair can go for this redefined shag this 2017. However, some add-ons that you have to follow are that the side bangs must cross your ears and your hair must be center parted. Hair color featuring lighter shades of brown, golden brown, and blond will look best in this hairstyle.

  • Flat layers

The classic layers will continue to rock the show this 2017 as well as it has been doing for some years now. However, few alternations will be necessary to be in trend this year. While the layers should be flattered down with the help of flat irons, hair around the forehead should be pulled back behind the ears.  The ends of your tresses should be kept neat, uniform and nourished to look trendy.


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