Hair problems of summer that you should be wary of

When the seasonal cycle crosses spring, you must become alarmed about your hair. Basically, summers come after spring to cause pathetic damage on your beautiful manes. If you are not careful enough, the summer related problems might cause permanent damage to your manes! In case you feel inquisitive to know which hair problems in summer might be frightening for you, check out what we have compiled here.

  • Limp hair

Limp hair conditions are most unwelcoming. Regrettably, summers are the time of the year when limp hair can become your everyday agony. Even, women with healthy and bouncy hair might find their hair getting limp during this season. Basically, humidity and excessive increase in water content in air is the main factor during summers that tend to weigh down the manes and make them limp.

  • Hair fall

Excessive hair fall is a frequently occurring problem during summers, as reported by the professionals at reputed Salon in Bangalore. The main factor that causes hair fall during this season is accumulation of sweat on the scalp. Sweat attracts dirt and dust, thereby making the scalp greasy. Eventually, this greasiness tends to clog the pores of the scalp and aggravate the problem of hair fall. Yet another reason for hair fall during this season is that the roots of the manes always remain damp due to sweat. As dampness leads to weakening of the hair follicles so they tend to break easily.


  • Dryness

It might be extremely shocking to know that dryness is an attendant problem of summers too! The intense sun ray is the main factor that causes dryness of the manes during this season. The highly intense ultra violet rays of the summer sun tend to evaporate the moisture locked inside the strands and leave them scorched and dehydrated.  Moreover, excessive hair wash during the season that is done to expel greasiness of the scalp and the manes ultimately causes dryness of the hair! In addition, chemical based treatments also have intensified dehydrating effect on the hair.

  • Sunburn

While sun tanning is a common skin related problem associated with tropical summers, sun burn is a common hair related problem of the season too.  Prolonged exposure to intense sun rays for a considerable span burns the scalp. It causes depletion of the natural oils and drying of the natural moisture tapped inside the scalp and the strands. Eventually, this condition leads to dehydrated scalp with attendant problems like itchiness and dry dandruff.

  • Discoloration

If your work demands standing under the scorching summer sun for considerable period of time, you might see discoloration of the manes.  In such conditions, hair tends to burn and turn brownish. This problem is faced by people with colored hair as well and they complain about fading of their hair color. Premature graying of the manes is also experienced by people who have to stay under direct sunlight for long hours during summers.


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