All you Need to Know about Body Polishing

After the season of winter sets off, it is the time to bring back the oomph in the wardrobe with your favorite dresses. But, does the skin look a bit dull and worn up after enduring the harsh blows of the dry season?  Maybe it is time that you should get a body polishing.

Body polishing works in the same way as a facial does for your face and neck. It exfoliates and hydrates the skin of your body uniformly and induces a healthy and youthful glow. It stimulates the body with gentle massage strokes and restores the moisture balance of the skin.

The steps involved in a body polishing vary from salon to salon. Usually, the process will begin with an initial bathing session followed by a session of deep exfoliation by the therapist. After the exfoliation is done, you will be asked to bathe once again to completely get rid of the scrubber granules from your body. The process will be completed after the application of an oil/lotion in the body.

Body polishing

Body polishing provides an array of benefits for you. Those are as followed-

Dead-cell Removal- The dead cell buildup on the surface of our skin makes it look dry and aged. Once the dead cells are removed, the fresh new skin underneath gets to be exposed. This makes our skin look fresh and renewed. Dead cell removal is the primary objective of a body polishing.

Rejuvenation- Body polishing actually is a pampering session for your skin. The reputed salons use lots of luxury products which are not only beneficial for your skin, but for your olfactory senses as well.  The process becomes relaxing for your mind as well.

Evens the skin tone– If you are suffering from pigmentation, tanning marks or skin tags in our body, a session of body polishing is the best pick for you to deal with these problems. It will help you to get rid of pigmentations and acnes and will gradually result in a uniform and even skin tone everywhere in your body.

Thorough Cleansing– There are some parts of our body like the back which we cannot properly clean ourselves while taking a shower. Body polishing helps in thorough cleaning of the skin to make it free from dirt, oil and sebum.

Deep Moisturization- With body polishing, the dead skin cells are removed by exfoliation first which enables the lotions/oil to penetrate deep into the skin cells to work at their best potential. Thus, your skin gets deeply moisturized as the beauty products work from within.

The best results of body polishing can only be attained when you get it done from a reputed salon where they use products from luxury brands for a supreme feeling of relaxation. Also, the hygiene and the expertise of the therapist performing it should be kept in consideration. Since winter is gradually withdrawing, it is the best time to book your own body polishing session.


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