Professional Tips for Gorgeous Manes

Are you worried about damaged hair? If frizz and dryness are your regular hair agonies then you need to invest some time at a reputed salon for reversing the condition of your damaged manes.  However, if your hectic schedule leaves least of time for visiting the salon and pampering your much loved tresses then you can try out these pro tips at home. So, watch out.

Minimize the Frequency of Hair Wash

One of the top reasons why hair becomes dry and frizzy is that natural moisture trapped in the strands get depleted. Shampooing your hair frequently is among the greatest culprits that make your hair dry and dull. The professionals working at Best Salon in Guwahati suggest limiting the frequency of shampooing to twice or thrice a week is a magical solution for this hair problem. Hence, follow this to get back healthy and hydrated manes again.


Insist on Regular Trimming

Women with long hair often complain about thinning ends and split ends. Basically, when hair grows long the natural oil present in the scalp fails to seep down till the ends of the strands.  As lack of hydration makes the tips of the strands dry, they split over the time.  The most pocket friendly yet convenient solution for this problem is regular trimming. Visit your nearby salon at least once in a month for cutting down the length of your hair to maximum half to one inch. If followed meticulously, you will be able to retrieve back gorgeous manes within no time that is healthy from roots to tips.

Cut down on Styling Products

Everybody knows that application of hair fixers, straightening creams and other such styling products make your manes look as gorgeous as that of your favorite film stars. But the downside of using these products is that they will cause permanent damage to your hair when used regularly. Hence, the professionals at Best Salon in Guwahati advise on minimizing the use of these styling products as much as you can. Let your hair breathe naturally by using these products on occasions only.


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