Cover up Your Grey Hair Naturally

There are various dyes accessible in the market which you can use to cover up your grey hair. You can choose from the different shades available like black, dark brown, brown, burgundy etc. But always select the hair colour which does not contain ammonia in it, as ammonia is an industrial bleaching agent and will harm your hair in the long run. We often resort to various procedures to cover up our grey hair. Following are some of the natural options to hide your grey hair –

Hair Perming

Do not use tweezers – Often people will give you the idea to use tweezers in order to pluck out the grey hairs – indeed its a very wrong act! Plucking can damage the hair follicles, and the hair that will be growing back in that spot might stick out in an awkward angle that looks more weird that the earlier one.

Go for a better diet – Enrich your diet with more of folate, copper and B-12 that will help delaying premature greying of hair. Eat lots of leafy greens, shellfish, beans, poultry, grapes, tomatoes, and citrus fruits!

Improvise lifestyle – Premature greying of hair can be prevented if you can alter your lifestyle to some extent like cigarettes can cause grey hairs very fast; but other ill habits like excessive coffee, drinking alcohol, increased stress, and sedentary lifestyle can also contribute to grey hairs.

Hair colours – Nowadays hair colours are indeed the best option as a quick-fix to help you cover the gray. But make sure you are choosing a reputed one without ammonia and other such harmful chemicals. Try to get your hair coloured under professional supervision or do it yourself only when you know the proportions of mixing correctly.

Highlights – This is one more option how grey hairs can be hidden safely. All dyeing is always not needed; in fact you can take advice from a pro hairdresser and get few blond highlights to the crown portion or at the sides of your head. These look more natural and are easy to maintain.

Semi permanent hair dye – Professional hairdressers often suggest that a semi-permanent dye is better that will coat the exterior of the hair shaft and gets washed off in just 6 weeks. With this you can experiment with different colors for short span of time and also get rid of grey strands.

There’s something brilliant and sophisticated about aging gracefully, so if you’re not bothered with the grey hairs, just put away all these solutions and live a healthy life with your new look.



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