Top 11 Hairstyles for Girls

Girls and their hair have a special relation with each other. You must have noticed every girl likes to touch their hair every now and then, not to mention watching the mirror at regular intervals to fix their locks and bangs. Few may think it’s an obsession but your hair defines you face and personality. It’s a girl’s biggest asset which has the ability to change any face in few moments. Thus, there are various hairstyles that you can try, according to your situation and choice. Few of the hottest styles of hair that you can try in future are –


  1. Straight and Sleek – Whether you have short, medium or long hair, you can always opt for permanent or temporary straightening. Let your hair fall straight and sleek behind your ears to create a queenly look. You can also keep it casual by letting your hair cover your ears, thereby enhancing your cheek bones.
  2. Bohemian Braids – You can create a bohemian look by braiding few strands of your hair and pull it back into a knot. Head accessory usually that of flowers will supplement this look. You can either create one or more small strands of braids in this style.
  3. Soft Curls – Soft curls will enhance your femininity and create an ambience of romance. Whether you are going for a date or a Sunday brunch with your friends, soft curls will always remain admirable.
  4. Stylish Fringes – If you have a broad forehead, fringes are the coolest way to hide them and accentuate your facial structure. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, you can always skip the boredom of your regular hairstyle just by getting fringes. You can try blunt fringes, uneven fringes, side fringes, etc. according to the shape of your face.
  5. Tight Curls – You can opt for temporary or permanent curls and give your hair the Spaghetti look to let every head turn to you. If you have a thin and long face, tight curls will give your hair volume and make your face look fuller.
  6. Braided styles – You already know about the classic way three strand braid. Now it’s time for you to try its modifications like that of fishtail braid, dutch braid, french braid, four strand braid, etc. You can braid on top of your head or at the side below your ears. Braiding your hair makes your face look slimmer and younger than its original structure.
  7. Tight and neat buns – The classic buns look great with long gowns at elegant dinner parties. They give you a look of sophistication and class. It also defines your entire face and is a wise option for summer parties too. You can wear a classic bun with side partings, middle partings or just by back combing your entire hair. This updo will need lot of hair sprays and serums so that none of the strand of your hair sneaks out.
  8. Flamboyant Buns – If hair gels and tightly combed hair is not your thing then flamboyancy is a great option to choose. Experiment with different kinds of buns, like top knots, side buns or buns at the nape of your neck. Let your hair be carefree and messy with strands and locks of hair coming out.
  9. Volume with Bouffant – Bouffant can be a real saviour when your hair is thin or lack the proper haircut. It gives you your desired volume and elongates your facial structure. Whether you are making a bun or letting your hair be loose, you can always tease your hair to create a volume, either from the crown or from the front portion of your head.
  10. Ponytail – This is the easiest form of hairstyles that every girl opts for, usually when they lack the leisure of time. We are so habituated in making a ponytail that we can make it without a mirror and at times we do it unknowingly. However, this simple ponytail can be elevated into an elegant and smart look by adding an extra volume or neatness. If you have long hair you can make a high ponytail or a ponytail at the nape of your neck if your hair is short. You can also make a side ponytail or make two ponytails hanging behind either side of your ears.
  11. French knot – French knot is usually thought to be worn by professional women or only during a red carpet event. But, you can actually wear it with any kind of attire at any given situation. It not only makes your hair look amazingly trendy from the back but also adds volume from the front giving you a slimmer look. This is ideal for any kind of face, irrespective of your age.

Hairstyles are meant to make you look different every day. So, stand out in the crowd by trying one of the above styles but when you do the same, do not forget to wear a confident smile.


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