Alluring Haircuts for Medium Length Hair

Medium short hairstyles are usually suitable for all face shapes and you can get amazing styles with this flexible hair length. It helps to get a feminine look and this hair length is suitable for women of all age groups. You can get various hairstyles for thick, straight and curly medium length hair. Here are few classic medium haircuts that you can mix and match to suit your style, personality and facial features.

Hair 3

  • Stacked A-Line Bob: This bob looks very stylish. The hair is shorter and stacked in the back, which allows creating volume and makes you look beautiful. The hair falls forward in a natural way and frame the face nicely. It is suitable for girls with straight and wavy hair. It goes well even if the person has hair of medium density.
  • High stack: The high stack pushes the hair bit above the occipital bone and gives a gratifying finish. It goes well with all face shapes and is suitable for low to medium density hair.
  • Asymmetric bob: For this exciting hairstyle, individual needs to add slight edge to the bob, which will make one side longer compared to the other side. This is suitable for all hair types and face shapes.
  • Long bob: This hairstyle is very versatile and looks wonderful on everyone. Though it is not a new style but it is considered very trendy. It goes well with all hair types and face shapes.
  • Slightly A-lined layers: This haircut has long layers in the front and slightly short hair in the back. The long hair falls naturally on the face and gives you a natural yet a gracious look. This style looks amazing on people with thick density hair and long face shapes.
  • Short triangular layers: Short layers look very stylish and this latest edgy style is a great addition for medium length hair. This style provides the hair a lot of texture by removing the weight. It goes well on people who have medium to thick density hair with a straight or wavy texture.

Appropriate haircut can give a stunning and sensational look by accentuating the facial features. It can make you look totally different. Medium length is a perfect length and you can explore various styles in it.


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